Some of us think that our dreams don’t have a specific meaning, but sometimes by remembering what we dreamed, we wander what is the meaning of some simple things that appear in a dream, such as water, sun, mug etc.

In this article we are going to present you the most common appearances in dreams. Here they are:

1. Boxes

If you dream boxes, they mean that you have some secret that tortures you from the inside and you want to tell it to somebody. Dreaming empty box means disappointment in life and open box means that you hide something, but your mind tells you to reveal the secret.

2. Falling

The feeling that the things in your life are our of control, and you are also afraid of not succeeding in something, then your dream is falling from some high or not so tall length.

3. Ants

There is a positive and a negative side of dreaming ants. The positive thing is that it may mean that you have true friends and relationship which is full of love and warmth. The negative thing is that it can mean that you have some people in your life that didn’t wish you well.

4. Hair

Dreaming hair is a sign that your subconscious gives you and it can mean that you are creative and communicative. But you will need to add more romantic towards your partner.

5. Water

Dreaming water means that you like challenges and that one is coming to you.

6. Mud

All the time, you are occupied by unnecessary thoughts and you also over think every decision. You also feel stuck in your mind. The message is to let it go and move on.

7. Roads

Dreaming roads means that you want to go somewhere, you want to be in some other place and also explore the world. So, this is a sign that you are on the right path and you will achieve your dreams, goals and desires.

8. Green color

This means that at the moment you are very happy and content with what you have in your life.

9. Nude in public

This appearance in a dream means that the opinion that people have about you is very important to you, and you are willing to accept what others tell about you.

10. Flying

Dreaming flying can mean that you are thinking of making, or you are already making an important decision in your life.


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