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10 Signs Indicating that Your Partner no Longer Loves You, Never Let the # 9


Everyday little details can be very important for realising that your partner doesn’t feel the same way for you as before. This details can also show you what you deny to see, which is that the love between you is no more the same, and is no more present. They are very important details because sometimes they can determine if the relationship will still work or will break as soon as some problem appears, so you should read them carefully and not ignore them.

The following 10 signs, shown in this article will be very useful for you to realize if your partner still feels the same way about you, or the love is gone.

Do not ignore the following signs:

1. He/She doesn’t show love as before

If you have the feeling that your partner doesn’t show a lot of interest for you as before, and all that he/she tries to do is impressing someone else, maybe it is time to move away, because the love here is probably over. You will have to focus more just on yourself.

2. Thinking of someone else

This is very noticeable sign. If the partner doesn’t show any interest in you and his mind is always in someone else, but not you, it is time to have a little conversation and decide what to do next with your relationship.

3. No more conversation topics

If you don’t have any topics to talk about, and you feel that your partner is not interested in your life anymore, than you are also not interested at each other anymore. Separate ways will be the best solution.

4. He/She always blames you for everything that happens

When your partner starts blaming you for every possible thing, than it is probably time to leave him/her.

5. There is no more support between you

When your partner is annoyed all the time, and he/she cannot longer stand being around you at any circumstance, and also mistreats you because everything you do is not enough for him/her, you should probably end the relationship because you deserve someone better.

6. Excuses all the time

If your partner always has some excuse for not being home, something like working, business traveling, playing games or drinking with friends, but not taking you with him, you should think better, and realize that he no longer loves you and probably has someone else in his life.

7. No partner plans anymore

When everything you both ever dreamed of is broken and over, and you are no longer in his/her plans for the future, the best for the both of you will be to end the relationship.

8. He/She doesn’t show any respect for you anymore

When all that your partner remembers are the moments when he/she suffered and forgets all the wonderful moments that you spent together, trying to repair the relationship will be worthless, so you should break it immediately.

9. He/She doesn’t give you any explanations anymore

In that case, your partner doesn’t consider you as a part of his life anymore, so he/she thinks that there is no need of explanations for doing some things. So why be with him/her?

10. Hating and hurting each other

When he/she lies and cheats you, and also doesn’t talk to you, and all that he/she does is hurting you, it just makes you hating yourself. This is the best of all signs because it for sure means that the love is definitely over. Put an end to the relationship and enjoy. You deserve it.

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