Moringa is a plant which has a lot of beneficial properties. It grows mostly in Africa and Asia and is very much used in the South-Indian cooking.

The other name by which this plant is known is Malunggay or drumstick tree and all of the parts of the plant are rich with nutrients and they are all edible. You can eat its flowers, roots, fruits, pods and bark. It is one powerful plant, but unfortunately we are not aware of all of its potentials and of everything that this plant offers.

Here, we are going to present you the benefits of this plant:

– The seeds that this plant contains, produce oil which has the same nutritive values and abundance of antioxidants like the olive oil;

– This plant is better than spinach;

– Drinking moringa tea every morning will make you more energized and it will give you energy to make it through the day;

– Moringa is even better than carrots, as it contains beta – carotene and vitamin A, 4 times more than carrots;

– The supplements which are made from the pods and leaves of the moringa don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, so they are better than all the other supplements and vitamins that you can bay in the stores;

– Moringa has 2 times more protein than yogurt per gram;

– This plant is also better than bananas, as it contains 3 times more potassium;

– It has 4 times more calcium than milk;

– And it also has 7 times more vitamin C than oranges.

Here, we are going to present you the recipe for moringa tea:

It is always a better solution to make a moringa tea from moringa tree from your garden. All you should do is harvest some leaves and let them dry on room temperature for 10-14 day. Then, keep the leaves in a paper bag. After they are dried, pulverize them and make your moringa tea. Then, put some pulverized leaves in a cup, add hot water, some honey and couple of drops of lemon and stir it well. Enjoy your tea.

Here are the beneficial properties of the moringa tea:

The tea has a lot of benefits and it is very good for your health. You can also drink the tea for improving your immunity, for losing weight and for detoxification of your entire body. It will also clear your mind and it will make you feel energized, as it contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins.

You should always try to find and use fresh leaves for your moringa tea, but if you can’t, you can always buy them in the stores. And remember to buy 100% organic tea.

Source: http://healthyfoodwhisperer.com

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